Smalto gel - 007



La nostra formula brevettata di smalto gel assicura un'usura duratura e una lucentezza brillante che resiste allo sbiadimento e ai cambiamenti di colore nel tempo. Questo smalto gel ammollo può essere applicato come un sistema in due o tre fasi e polimerizzerà in 30 secondi sotto una lampada a LED o 2 minuti sotto una lampada UV.


  • Finitura lucida e brillante
  • Fornisce una copertura impeccabile insieme a una durata eccezionale
  • Il pennello si adatta a tutte le dimensioni dell'unghia per un'applicazione senza aloni

notare che: Ci sforziamo di rendere i nostri campioni di colore digitali il più accurati possibile rispetto al colore effettivo del prodotto, ma a causa delle diverse impostazioni del monitor e dei dispositivi elettronici, i colori potrebbero differire leggermente.


Tipo: Crema

Dimensione: 8 ml (0,27 once fluide)

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Based on 359 reviews

I really like it, product like on the picture and it holds very well I recommend it

I am very happy with my purchase. I bought these 3 babies thanks to the offer two bought one free. I really like the concept, contrary to what I thought it holds very well and the delivery was very fast. I strongly recommend testing this product, it's really worth it.

The product is good but it arrived 2 days later than expected

Very good quality-price ratio. I recommend

It looks very natural. Very practical and reusable it will save me a lot of money

I AM IN LOVE with these nails, these completely revolutionary for me who loves having my nails done it puts me in a good mood to start a long day of work lmao the girls will understand me. I highly recommend

I really like these short french. it's obvious that it's not real nails in the hands but it doesn't bother me too much because it's not bad either and it's quick and I can change it whenever I want so it's good overall. I recommend

I love the concept. It stays in place for a week and then it starts to fall. I don't recommend using it too much in the shower because it makes them very fragile and they fall out a day or two afterwards.

I love those nails

Package received quickly. Rest to be tested on a daily use

I was afraid that the size would not fit my nails but I am very satisfied, there are several sizes in each set which is great. I recommend these nails

This model is my favorite, I love how natural it looks

I really like these nails I recommended to buy more gel tabs to reuse the nails whenever you want

They are sooo beutifull❤️ highly recommended

I'm in love. They look and feel so natural. You can do absolutely anything with them and they will not fall off. So easy to apply and replace.

I'm allergic to any gel products and I am sooo happy I found these ❤️

Highly, highly recommend.

I received the package very quickly. Everything is ok, still to be tested if it holds well

Very easy to apply. Perfect to be ready in the last minute Lool and it holds very well

I am in love with these fake nails

I took this color twice one for me and one for my daughter I love the color. Product received as shown on the picture

As a housewife I love the short collection. I am very happy with my purchase

Lavender Sparkle
Kerstin B.

Ongelooflijk! Deze gel-nagelstickers besparen me zoveel tijd. Geen lang wachten meer in de nagelstudio. Ik kan het iedereen aanbevelen

Lapis Ocean
Christiane K.

Ik ben helemaal overtuigd van deze semi-uitgeharde gel-nagels! Ze bladderen niet af en blijven veel langer glanzend dan mijn gebruikelijke nagellak

Classic French
Nariman F.

Sinds ik deze gel-nagelstickers gebruik, krijg ik zoveel complimenten over mijn nagels. Ze zien er zo natuurlijk en professioneel uit. Ik ben er absoluut blij mee

Moulin Rouge
Andrea S.

Ik kan niet geloven hoe eenvoudig en leuk de toepassing is. Ik heb deze maand al drie keer mijn nagelstijl veranderd, en elke keer is het resultaat vlekkeloos

Classic French
Karin S.

Ik was altijd sceptisch over gewone nagellak, maar deze gel-nagelstickers zijn een openbaring! Gemakkelijk aan te brengen en het resultaat blijft wekenlang zitten. Ik ben helemaal verkocht!