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ICONEVE™ introduces a complete polygel nail extension kit for easy, at-home manicures with natural & professional-looking results.

  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY KIT: Simple to understand and easy to use. You will be amazed at the results of your easy at-home manicure.
  • FAST & LONG-LASTING: Can be applied on both hands in as quick as 20-30 minutes, with the extensions lasting up to four weeks!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Our nail extension gel is cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic and glue-free. Safe for your nails and the environment!
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY: No more appointments and long trips to the salon. You can give yourself up to 12 manicures with the six gels included in one polygel kit.

Literally, you don't need to leave the comfort of your home to get professional-looking results at an affordable price!


Step1. Apply a thin layer of the base coat and cure it for 60 seconds then place the polygel onto the dual form.

Step2. Dip the brush into the slip solution (which will allow you to spread the gel) and shape the polygel.

Step3. Place the form onto your nail and use the nail clip to fasten the form and cure for 60 seconds under the UV lamp.

Step4. Once cured, wiggle the dual form from side to side to pop it off. File the polygel into a shape of your choice, and then apply the top coat and cure.

And voila! You've made your very own polygel nail design!


6(or 18) x Poly Nail Extension Gels (15ml)
1 x UV/LED Nail Lamp (54W)
1 x Base Coat (8ml)
1 x Top Coat (8ml)
1 x Slip Solution (30ml)
1 x 100pcs Nail Dual Forms in ten different sizes
1 x Nail Building Tip Clip
1 x Black Nail Sanding File (100/180)
1 x Dual Headed Nail Art Tool (Brush and Spatula)
1 x Step-by-Step User Manual

The ICONEVE™ kit comes with everything you need!

A) How to remove?

If you wish to remove your poly extension gel for any reason, you can safely follow the steps below:

Step1. Cut the extra length of your nail with a nail cutter and file off the top layer of the polygel. Make sure that you DO NOT file the natural nail.

Step2. Cover the surface of your nails with cotton pieces soaked in the slip solution included in the kit. If you don't want to waste the slip solution to remove your extension gel, you can use acetone or any non-acetone nail polish remover. Use Aluminum foil pieces to wrap up the top of the finger. The less air you let inside, the quicker the polygel gets loosened.

Wait for the solution to do its job, which takes about 10 minutes.

Step3. After 10 minutes, the polygel will start to peel off on its own. Use the cuticle pusher or the spatula side of the dual headed tool included in the kit to create a gap between the polygel and your natural nail, starting from the cuticle up to the tip of the nail. Gently move up and down to create more gap and the remaining gel on your nail will come off.

Step4. Use a nail buffer to make your nail plates smooth.

The Iconeve poly extension gel is easy to apply and is just as easy to remove thanks to its unique TriPolymer technology. It is light and durable while remaining pliable, allowing for quicker break down during removal.

B) Will I receive a user guide with the Iconeve nail kit?

Yes, our kit comes with a step-by-step guide with pictures explaining exactly how to use the kit. If you have any questions about the use of the equipment, you can contact us using our contact form, and a member of our team will guide you and explain everything you need to know.

C) I am a beginner, and I have never done my nails myself. Is this kit suitable for me?

Yes, it is! The Iconeve nail kit is designed so that everyone, especially beginners who have never done their nails, can quickly and easily achieve beautiful manicures, all from the comfort of their own home.

D) Can I order the extension gel only when I run out?

Yes, when you need more gels, you can simply order the gel of your choice separately, and you are set and ready for more manicures.

E) How do I fill in polygel nails after they have grown out?

After three to four weeks, your nails grow approximately 1/8 of an inch. There will be a gap between your cuticles and the old polygel. You can easily fill in the gap and make the polygel nails look fresh again without removing the old polygel completely. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step1. Clean excess cuticles on the new growth area, gently roughen the surface with the 100/180 nail file included in the kit and switch to higher grits to form a smooth surface from the edge of the polygel to the natural nail.

Step2. Remove all of the excess dust, and apply a gel base coat, and follow by curing for 30 seconds.

Step3. Apply a small amount of polygel (no larger than the size of half a pea) onto the new growth area and pat it down into the gap carefully.

Step4. Using a polygel brush that is already damp with the slip solution, smooth out the new polygel to be thin along the cuticle line and blend well with the old polygel.

Step5. Cure for 30 seconds.

Step6. File the entire nail to make the overall texture smooth and apply a top coat. If you want to paint your nails, use a base coat first, apply the nail polish, and finish it off with a top coat to give your gel nails the best look.

F) Can I use a nail polish or gel polish over the extension gel nails?

You can use either gel or traditional polish on top of our Iconeve poly nail extension gel!

If you want the flexibility of making regular color changes, opt for traditional polish. After your polygel application, apply a top coat and then two coats of your favorite nail polish. By using a non-acetone nail polish remover, you can easily change your nail color without compromising your polygel extension.

Do you prefer to use gel polish? Then simply apply two coats of your chosen color directly to your polygel enhancement, with curing in between each layer. Seal your nails with a layer of the top coat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Kel C.

Ok honest review here...10/10 here's why...easy to use, strong once set, only need a very small amount of product, kit comes with everything you need to create a beautiful at home Mani and it saves you money on going to the salon!!! Would recommend this product! Also fantastic customer service, staff are very quick to respond and helpful!

Maria Gabriela H.

I'm really happy with this product! Very recommended

Sophia M.

Just received it and I can’t wait to see how long they last

Grace Y.

Only my second time using Polygel and I LOVE ICONEVE Polygel! Used another product the first time and this was waaaaay easier to work with.

Elizabeth J.

I must say, I wasn't so sure that this would be so great, but I was absolutely wrong. I LOVE this nail kit. I used the Coffee color and I am in love!! My nails look amazing.

Hazel M.

Just used this for the first time and it worked great! It is pretty time consuming and was a bit tricky to form around the cuticle (to be fair I free-handed without the forms). Overall I'm so happy with how my nails turned out!

Scarlet J.

This product really went far above my expectations. I have been getting my nails professionally done for the best part of 20 years.This was my first time and I was in shock at how easily i applied it to my nails. I will wear these and post an update with the longevity of how the last.

Stella T.

I was skeptical at first to buy this product because I have never bought on this site before, but I received my package I tested the product I am really satisfied. The customer service is very helpful. I recommend this kit

Laila U.

Easy to use. Forms and manipulated easy Great for beginners

Leah U.

Absolutely fantastic! I am a gel polish girl and use the products myself. However, after using Iconeve Poly Gel I am sold! This product is so easy to use for the beginner! Love it