Base coat



ULTIMATE NAIL BASE COAT: Its crystal clear base formula creates an incomparable bond to all-natural nails and artificial applications such as gels, fiberglass/silk, and acrylic nails. Perfect for natural nails, nail enhancements, and pedicures. Works great in all types of nail polish. With Clear Base Coat, you can explore with different nail colors and get your art designs to look so much better and last longer!

QUICK-DRYING CRYSTAL-CLEAR SOLUTION BASE COAT: ICONEVE™ Clear Base Coat will dry down to a hard, shiny shield in just seconds, leaving you free to use your hands for whatever you want to do! This speeds up the process of getting the perfect nails in a matter of minutes! The top film of the polish forms immediately, so you will be left with a good hard set that won’t smudge under pressure. You can even apply it to still-wet polish and it will dry your entire nail in less than two minutes!

EASY TO REMOVE: The revolutionary ICONEVE™ Clear Base Coat can be soaked off with acetone or buff your nails so it will break the seal of the top coat and help the gel remove quicker. Simply soak cotton balls in acetone or nail polish remover and place them over the entire nail surface to cover the coat. If coat remains, re-wrap the nail with cotton and foil and soak in five-minute increments until all of the gel is off!


1 x Base Coat (8ml)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Fiona J.

iconeve is a great brand in general. I wasn't disappointed at all with this product! It does the job and I would purchase again!

Marley K.

I like to use two coats to fully protect my nails. I like the fact that it doesn't chip or peel away and will last a good couple of weeks.

Payton N.

I love this Base Coat, it goes on so easily and sets in a reasonably quick time for a normal nail varnish

Brooklyn L.

I've found that my varnish tends to chip less, giving me longer lasting manicures.

Nichole T.

It drys really quickly and creates a smooth base for varnish.

Ana H.

This base coat is fab!

Paige T.

This was actually a great base coat - I’ve used another brand for years so it was a big change, but I was really happy with this one for awhile!

Rowan H.

This is a staple in my polish collection and I never use any other base!

Joana T.

The brush is nice and wide, making it easy to get big even strokes on the nail.recommend this base coat !

Brynley I.

The thin formula is easy to apply to the nail, and even looks quite nice alone for a natural manicured look.