KEIN WISCHER-DECKLACK: Langanhaltend für 21+ Tage mit perfektem Glanz. Flexibler Decklack verhindert Kerben, Späne oder Flecken

TOXINFREI: 9 Toxinfreie Inhaltsstoffe machen es gesund und geruchsarm. Keine aggressiven Inhaltsstoffe oder Klebstoffe, die zu beschädigten Nägeln führen.

KOMPATIBILITÄT: Kompatibel mit All Brands Soak-off Gel Nagellack. Geeignet für Naturnägel, Nagellampengelnägel, Kunstnägel, Acrylnägel, Nagelspitzen usw.


1 x Decklack (8ml)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Charli G.

The finish is super glossy which I LOVE- it makes even the cheapest polish look really nice and almost gel-like. I find that my polish lasts longer and chips less. It works really well for setting nail art, as you can paint it over detailed designs to set them without fear of them smudging and spoiling the design. I have also found it to be the best top coat to use as an adhesive for holding gems or embellishments in place.

Amelia S.

Without a doubt THE BEST top coat, I have used this for the last two years, and I would not be without it.

Charlotte H.

I digress, this time "topcoat" was Seche Vite Professional Top Coat and it did what it promised - dried my coloured varnish hard and itself hard and super shiny very quickly indeed.

Ava G.

I was very doubtful about this product but it really does work - it dries fast and rock hard and the varnish underneath is turned solid too - none of that dire time when it is soft seemingly forever ( I have even gone to bed and had woven imprint on toe nails from bed linen and had to apply another top coat in the morning).

Emma S.

I will be a customer of this brand as long as the formula stays the same and as long is it is made!

Olivia L.

Even though my wear time is not extended very much longer, the dry time makes it so easy to just do things over.

Olivia K.

With this topcoat, I can get 5-7 days of wear out of a mani. Not only that, but it dries ALL of the layers of the polish within 10-15 minutes, making a quick mani very much doable.

Harley U.

This topcoat changed my mani game like you wouldn't believe.

Georgia M.

a thin coat works way better than a thick coat. Less is more with this top coat - just enough to cover your polish. Definitely brush off any extra polish - seriously, use only as much as necessary.

Fiona K.

I tell everyone at work about it when they ask how I keep my nails so nice.